Wine Tasting August 15th

A Taste of Italy with Wicked
Wines of Bangor


Bianca Vigna Prosecco. Veneto    $14.99

Handcrafted organic bubbles from the hilltop of Conegliano. Delicious paired with most light Fish, Egg or Cheese dishes! 

Grigio Pinot Grigio , Veneto   $11.99

Light, fruity and fun this nicely crafted summer white is perfect with Maine seafood!

 Malvira Favorita , Roero  $17.99

The “Favorite” white wine of this area of the piedmont! Tasty and a bit saline, the flavor and texture of the wine adds lots of character to a light summertime meal.      


Ciacci Piccolomini Toscana Rosso   $13.99

A baby “Super Tuscan”! Syrah, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon blended from serious parcels in Montalcino. Very friendly and drinkable! 

Malvira barbera “San Michele” Roero $19.99 

This exquisite red spends 18 months in Tonno which are big neutral barrels. Smooth and delicious with barbecue !

Malvira “Renesium”,  Roero      $25.99

The nectar of the gods! A late harvest dessert wine! Amazing layers of sweet and citrus with tea notes. 

10% of Profit from Sales tonight will benefit Cancer Support Center of Maine

Barbara Vittum,  Director 


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