Wine Tasting September 12th

Join us from 5pm to 7pm with Easterly Wines of Belfast


Cave de Pomerols Blanc IGT  $ 9.99 

From the Languedoc region of Southern France comes this beautiful white that pairs perfectly with shellfish or on its own.

San Marci Frascati $ 11.99

Malvasia and Trebbiano blend from a village just outside Rome. Light  and crisp with notes of pear and a nutty finish.

“Royal Blue Riesling Louis Guntrum $ 14.99

From the Rheinhessen in Germany, this white has floral notes and a slightly sweet palate.  Finishes with a light acidity and perfect on its own or with spicy food.


Aresti Vineyards – Carmenere $ 11.99

From the Central Valley of Chile, this high altitude vineyard is naturally fed from alpine springs.  Bright and fresh with a beautiful acidity that compliments the grill perfectly!

Coto ed Hayas Tempranillo Cabernet$ 13.99

Soft Fruity notes with warm spices.  This Spanish blend is a perfect wine for crisp cool fall nights!

Easton Vineyards Zinfandel $ 19.99 

Peppery and warm, this small vineyard makes some of the best wine out of California.  Excellent with steak or grilled fare!

Buy a case of 12 bottles  –  Mix or Match  –  10% OFF

10% of Profit from Sales tonight will benefit the Waldo County Community Action Partners

Keith Small, Director


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